CRM과데이터마이닝 R프로그래밍및실습 일반통계학1

R프로그래밍및실습 - R Programming and Labs

강의 목표 및 개요

For statistical analysis, we have to use the statistical softwares. R is one of the most essential tool for analyzing data in big data era. In this class, students will learn how to use R for basic statistical analysis including handling data sets, calculating summary statistics, and some visualization methods to preview the features in the data set.




평가방법 -> 성적조회

Report or Quiz(80%), Participation and/or Attitude(20%) - 개인 정보 보호 문제로 로그인 기능을 삭제하며, 위의 링크로 성적을 확인할 수 있습니다.

Note & Course materials

  1. data-descriptions.pdf
  2. R-1.pdf
  3. R-2.pdf
  4. R-3.pdf
  5. R-4-add-1.pdf
  6. R-4.pdf
  7. R-5-data-handling.pdf
  8. R-6-documentation.pdf
  9. R-note-14-03.pdf
  10. R-note-15-13.pdf
  11. R-note-16-03-knitr.pdf

Data / Program codes

  1. ex.xlsx
  2. mtcars.txt
  3. quine.txt
  4. R-1.R
  5. R-2.R
  6. R-3.R
  7. R-4.R
  8. Samsung-stock.txt
  9. 고용률.xlsx
  10. 대졸자실업률.csv